Is Tube Crusher A Scam Or Will You Be Making $3,000 Before The Day’s Out?


They say take action and you'll be making $3,000 by the end of the day.

But is Tube Crusher a scam you shouldn't touch with a barge poll or a proven path to earn a fortune online?

In this Tube Crusher review we'll be finding out what it's all about, how it works and how much money you can make with this program.

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Tube Crusher Review At A Glance

About: Tube Crusher is an eBook that claims to teach you how to leverage YouTube to make money. You're led to believe you can easily make $3,000/day with this.

Price: $37.

Pros: None at all.

Cons: Hyped-up promises that don't deliver, unknown owner, paid actors hired to give fake success stories, part of a larger network of scams.

Verdict: Tube Crusher is definitely a scam. This outdated eBook won't help you earn online.


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What is Tube Crusher, Exactly? is a very small website with just a promotional video and a sign up form that makes a lot of bold claims.

It calls itself a “One of kind system” that can show you how to make your fortune as a YouTuber, even without any technical or creative skills.

tube crusher scam legit review

The video starts with screenshots showing us how much Tube Crusher students have supposedly made, and all without getting out of bed!

Unfortunately they give you no actual earnings proof or any explanation as to how they made this money.

tube crusher is a scam

Instead of showing us a real way earn money, they just feed you sensational hype-filled statements like:

“Say good bye to your abusive boss and the boring 9 to 5 and make thousands of dollars weekly without even getting out of bed.”

“YouTube is your ticket to living the life of your dreams.” 

And “If you have a spare 10 minutes a day, no technical or creative skills or special equipment needed, with the Tube Crusher system you'll see profits coming in automatically.”

I've got to hand it to them – they really know how to apply pressure on your emotional triggers!

They go on to state that YouTube, which is owned by Google, made $13 billion in 2017 (which might be the only true thing they say in the entire video) and that the Tube Crusher system, is going to show you how to get your slice of the action.

In reality, all these gimmicks and hype is designed just to get you to hand over $37 for a measly eBook which is then emailed to you as a PDF file…

The eBook itself is very low quality and offers very little value, if any at all. It's made up of random articles and blog posts that have been copied and pasted from across the web.

The end result?

A Frankenstein monster mishmash of conflicting information put together under one book title that's of very low value and sold purely for profit but does very little to help anyone make real money online.

Is Tube Crusher a scam?

Wikipedia gives the word ‘scam' this definition:

“A scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.”

So is Tube Crusher a scam that uses deceitful practices to give themselves false credibility and gain your confidence?

Yes absolutely.

The Tube Crusher site has all the typical red flags of a work from home scam.

Here, let me show you 4 of them:

Red flag #1. Hyped-up promises of unlimited riches

The big banner across the top of the website header says sign up and you'll be earning $2000+ in commissions by the end of the day.

the tube crusher scam
This is just not true!

reminds me a little of the 30 Minute Commissions scam and Tube Profit Sniper scam I reviewed recently which makes almost an identical claims.

Before ever handing any money over for programs like this it's always good to check out the fine print.

what is tube crusher review scam earnings disclaimer

Take a look at their earnings disclaimer and you'll suddenly realise all the confidence they have in their one of a kind system suddenly evaporates…

What they could have done instead is give you a real business model that makes sense. They could at least give you an idea of what the process of making money online and what work's involved, but of course they don't.

Now please don't misunderstand me, I'm am not saying you can't make money online – you absolutely can, but just not through this worthless eBook.

I make a full-time income online as do many others. The good news is there are free beginner training courses available but please know it does take time and work.

Unlike an overnight get rich quick solution (which don't exist) this training gets results.

Red flag #2. The Tube Crusher creator hides his true identity

ciaran tube crusher creator

Here's the second tell-tale sign Tube Crusher a scam – we have no idea who's behind it.

The creator chooses to remain anonymous.

In the sales video he calls himself Ciaran but that's probably a fake name. he calls himself a YouTube celebrity, again highly unlikely.

A true trainer with a legitimate training product would gladly stand by their own course. I mean, what would they have to hide, right?

It's only scammers that like to hide, that way nothing can come back to them when people start complaining and demanding refunds.

Red flag #3. Fake success stories from paid actors

A few minutes into the video, you're given video testimonials from members to show you this system works.

A legitimate training program on how to make money with YouTube would have plenty of success stories from members who have got results from implementing the training.

What do you do if you're a scam artist who just takes money from people instead of teaching them what they need to know to succeed?

You head over to and hire a paid actor for $5 who has to say whatever you tell them.

Here's the guy who told you said he's making a life changing amount of money without leaving his sofa:

tube crusher reviews

Now contrast that with this Fiverr gig. This same guy who told you he's making life-changing amounts of money is offering his services as a video spokesperson for $35.

tube crusher fake testimonials

If this doesn't convince YouTube Crusher is a complete scam then nothing will!

Red flag #4. The scam looks suspiciously like other scam sites

Tube Crusher is certainly nothing unique. After review hundreds of get rich quick schemes on The Make Money Online Blog I can tell you this follows the same pattern of many other scams.

What does Tube Crusher, AZ Code, Kindle Sniper and Fast Earners Club have in common?

They're all have the same $37 price tag, same video actors, same website layout and they're all promoting ClickBank products.

If you don't know, is a website where you can find digital products online affiliate marketplace where bloggers and website owners can find affiliate programs to promote.

tube crusher affiliate program clickbank

It's more than likely you came across Tube Crusher via a spam email hitting your inbox. This is because they have an affiliate program which includes 10 done for you spam emails.

Anyone can create a training program or video course and post onto the ClickBank marketplace where others can promote it for a percentage commission.

I think becoming an affiliate marketer is a great way to earn online. It's exactly who I make a full-time income online, but I only promote training or products I have used or have tried myself and that I'm sure is going to offer a lot of value to my readers.

The problem I have with a lot of the junk being promoted on Clickbank is that it's just not going to help you get to where you want to be.

It's mediocre at best, often just copied and pasted content they put together to try and sell as a course.

What they should be doing is focusing on helping people as much as they can. That's how you become successful in the long-term.

Is Tube Crusher right for you?

Let's quickly summarise what we've exposed about Tube Crusher and why it's a scam in my opinion:

  • They promise unbelievable amounts of fast and easy cash
  • The con artist behind this program chooses to his real identity
  • The video success stories are given by paid actors told what to say
  • This has all the red flags of many well-known internet scams
  • Tube Crusher is designed to make those promoting it money, not you

I hope I've done enough in this review to convince you reject the hype, keep your $37 and stay away from the Tube Crusher scam.

Here's the deal:

If you're still looking for a foolproof system, breakthrough software or a proven blueprint that's going to give you a way of making money with no effort, no skills and no time required you're never going to make a dime online.

Trust me I've been there. I used to fall for all kinds of scams, lured in by promises of fast and easy cash, always looking for shortcuts to success and financial freedom, but not anymore.

Now I know if you really to build an online income stream you have to leave scams like this behind and shift your focus to building an actual internet business.

Whatever your income goals are, whatever your reasons are for doing this, if you're ready to learn new skills and put the work in then check out this free beginners training course to get started.

It's where I began and where I learned to make more than $6,000 each and every month so I could quit my job and buy a one way ticket to Thailand where I live and work as a volunteer.

The training works, give it a chance and I'll be on hand to help guide and support you along the way.

2 thoughts on “Is Tube Crusher A Scam Or Will You Be Making $3,000 Before The Day’s Out?”

  1. I had recently heard about tube crusher from a friend who has no experience with making money online and I had no idea what it was about but it sounded good. I’m glad I came across this article. There are probably millions of these get rich over night schemes out there and it fools a lot of people. I’m sure this article will help out at least a few from getting sucked in to this trap.

    • I strongly believe the biggest hurdle to people building an online income stream is not because there’s a lack of opportunity and it’s definitely not because they don’t have what it takes, but it’s the idea that making money online is fast and easy.

      It’s this get-rich-quick mindset that these scammers are appealing to. I’ve seen it all – push button systems, super duper profit busting software, all these things promise the world but leave you high and dry and probably forcing you to think this “whole making money online thing” doesn’t work. 

      If you can just adjust you’re thinking you can be wildly successful – the potential is enormous! As I always say, get the right training based on a legit business model that actually makes sense, be willing to take massive action and work towards your goals and becoming a success is just a matter of time.

      So the question isn’t “Is it really possible to make money online?” but, “Am I ready to give up looking for short cuts and am I ready to put in the time and effort it takes until I see my breakthrough?”


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