Is Lotto Destroyer A Scam? Why I Gave It A Negative Review

Is Lotto Destroyer A Scam

Shiny shortcuts are always tempting. Who wouldn’t want better odds in the lottery, right? If you want to make sure if Lotto Destroyer can help bump your chances in winning the lottery or if it’s just another scam waiting to creep inside your wallet, this review will give you the dose of truth you’ll need. 

Don’t let Lotto Destroyer break your bank, I’m going to tell you the iron-clad truths Lotto Destroyer is trying hard to hide from you!

Lotto Destroyer Review At A Glance

About: Richard Lustig's “secret formula” eBook for winning the lottery.

Price: $147.

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: All hype, testimonials are shady, get-rich-quick scheme.

Verdict: Yes, Lotto Destroyer is a scam. There is no winning magic formula in a game of chance like the lotto.


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What Is Lotto Destroyer?

Lotto Destroyer is no more than a useless piece of eBook priced to make you think there’s some value in it. Research says it’s made by Jared Wilson but elements in the marketing pitch looked quite similar to Richard Lustig’s lotto schemes. 

Just look at this part, pretty much like Lotto Dominator:

Lotto Destoyer Fake Scarcity Tactic

I read a little part on the eBook and he did mention Richard Lustig as well as some others he claims to reach out to so he can figure the secret formula to put you closer to winning a lottery. 

The sales pitch actually made me theorize that he’s working with Lustig with Lotto Destroyer or he just asked some help from him, I couldn’t confirm though, but the sales videos made my theory a little stronger.

Why mention Lustig a lot of times? Because he’s a serial lotto niche strategy maker. Some of his products are: 

None of these products ever work as they claim to be, I’m pretty sure Lotto Destroyer is no different. 

The sales pages will talk about a number of people like “Kevin R.” making $21,000 or “Daniel B.” winning $3,000 more than 5 times. However, there’s no proof these people are real and if they really did win these amounts. To me, they’re just a bunch of words with no backbone of credibility.

Jared Wilson says (if that’s even his real name) he came up with the phenomenal formula after talking to dozens of lottery winners asking what their secrets to winning are. 

There’s also the sales video which mind you is made months, even years ago (they looked recycled by tons of scams before) where it says there are limited spots left. Refresh the page or go back to it the next day or week, it will still say the same thing. 

How To Get The Lotto Destroyer eBook

Lotto Destroyer eBook

Honestly, you want to get hold of a copy? I hope not. 

Many say you can get the Lotto Destroyer eBook for $147. After buying it, you’ll also be pressured to buy the Auto Lotto Processor which is worth $197 per month, if you say no to it, the price will go down to $97 and if you still don’t give in it goes down to the final price of $47. 

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Jared must really need your money that bad for being so aggressive. The funny thing is, if he had the “phenomenal lotto-winning formula” why not just make money from lottery?

Anyway, I saw this Lotto Destroyer Members’ login page which provides a link to where you can get the eBook if you still don’t have it.

If you do click it, you’ll be sent to another page to complete your order details. At first look, it can be pretty enticing because you can check out the eBook without paying a cent. The top part of the page also says it’s a “Secure Order Form”. 

Lotto Destoyer "Secure" Order Form

Don’t fall for it. Don’t get tempted to provide your credit card details for this “free eBook”. Why will they need your credit card details anyway if they’ll give the eBook for free?

In most cases, if not all, this “free tactic” is just a mere scheme to get your details so they can max out your credit card. If you don’t want to end up paying a huge amount of credit card debt, always be wary of free offers asking for credit card details. 

I’m not saying all of them are scams, there are also legit free trials asking for credit card details. In Lotto Destroyer’s case, they’re promising to give the whole book for free, not just a few free pages so there’s really no point in asking for your card details unless they have something dirty up their sleeve. 

The good news is while doing my research, I realized I don’t have to go through the process of providing the sensitive information to get hold of a free copy of the book. I actually found a page where you can access the whole eBook. 

If you ask me, I suggest not wasting your time reading it. There’s really nothing of value to it. 

What Does the Lotto Destroyer Teach?

So, you won’t need to waste your time going through the whole book, here are core stuff Lotto Destroyer is teaching you:

  • Don’t pick all even numbers
  • Don’t pick all odd numbers
  • Don’t pick succeeding numbers
  • Don’t pick numbers representing birthdates
  • Don’t pick numbers which came up during recent draws

Lotto Destroyer is banking on the idea lotto systems have an organized memory drawing up historical data to compare with recent winning numbers. 

Lotto Destoyer Memory Theory

Here’s the truth:

There’s no memory software, unless the lotto system itself is a scam.

This means, there’s no truth to the theory that if a set of numbers came up the previous week, they will have a lower chance of coming up the following week. 

Think about this:

If you do a toss coin, the basic principle is you get an equal chance of hitting heads and tails. Even if you hit tails 10 times, the eleventh toss will still have equal chances of hitting heads or tails. Unless you’re doing some kind of trick with how you toss it to hit the side you like. 

But if you do it without any bias, toss coin is just a mere game of chance which you have no control over. The same thing goes for lotto. 

Coins have no memory, so does lotto balls so there’s no chance of knowing how things will turn out. With or without applying the Lotto Destroyer “formula” you’ll still have the same chances of hitting the jackpot. 

Choosing which numbers to bet on is not like playing chess or poker. Chess and poker involve developing skills to increase winning chances, with lotto there’s no skill to learn, it's plainly a game of chance so no matter what you do, you won’t be able to get the odds better in your favor. (Sounds like Hunger Games.)

The chances of 6 lotto balls getting drawn out of 49 are on in almost 14 million. Either you choose all odd numbers, all even numbers, consecutive numbers – your chances will still be 1 in 13,983,816 to be exact. 

A little Math, even if you play lotto every week, you can only expect to win once in 269,000 years! Your life span is not even half those years!

If I saved every cent I will use into buying lotto entries, I’d have a surer way of making money.  

Pros Of Lotto Destroyer

No, nothing I can think of really. 

Cons Of Lotto Destroyer

  • The sales video is all hype
  • Testimonial has no solid proof
  • Just another get-rich-quick scheme that can’t deliver
  • Puts you at risk of getting your credit card cashed-out
  • There’s really no magical formula in a game of chance
Lotto Destoyer Negative Feedback

Is Lotto Destroyer A Scam?

I won’t lose sleep in saying it is. To me, it’s just a mere scheme of making people believe making money is easy, and getting what you want involves no work. Not all that glitters are gold you know.

Lotto Destroyer distorts the reality of how lotto really works, there’s no memory in it so there’s really no chance of bumping your winning chances. It also hides the fact that making money requires time and effort. The legit way to make money, that is. 

Shiny shortcuts lead to dead ends. You’ll only regret it once you get to see it. So spare yourself, don’t go down that path. 

Lotto Destroyer Closing Thoughts

Get-rich-quick schemes like Lotto Destroyer are mere acts of trying to pull the wool in vulnerable people’s eyes. It’s all pointless fantasy theories and illogical Math based on far-fetched ideas. 

There’s no magical formula to increase your chances of winning it big in lotto. The truth will never change in time, it will forever be a game of pure chance. 

If someone tells you there’s a way to beat the lottery, put the scam radar in high alert. 

Your financial future can’t be hanged on chance. You can actually take control by investing in a time-tested legit online business. 

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make an income month after month. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, affiliate marketing takes time and effort. Knowing that alone makes it credible. All legit opportunities don’t come in a flick of a finger after all. 

Don’t build income goal dreams in the sand, make a sturdy foundation for it, if you want to know more how you can make it happen, check out this in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review.

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