Is Lottery Winner University A Scam? Richard Lustig Again!

What Is Lottery Winner University A Scam Review

Hi and welcome to this full and frank Lottery Winner University review where we'll be answering the only question that matters:

Is Lottery Winner University a scam or a winning lotto strategy?

The chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 14 million but Richard Lustig says he's won the grand prize 7 times.

Is he the luckiest man on the planet or is there an underlying method at play here?

Because if there is, I want to know about it!

According to Lustig, his winning streak was nothing to do with luck, but down to a method he's developed that works – that's a pretty bold claim!

In my never-ending quest to find new and exciting ways to make money online, I had to try this out and see for myself.

Lottery Winner University Review At A Glance

About: Lottery Winner University is just another one of Richard Lustig's lottery online course claiming he has a magical system to win the game.

Price: $49/month plus $255 and $7.55/month for upsells.

Pros: None at all.

Cons: Richard's Math doesn't add up, old rehashed scam, disclaimer proves the sales spiel fake.

Verdict: Lottery Winner University will only make you lose money. Avoid this scam at all costs.


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Self-proclaimed lottery guru Richard Lustig claims to have discovered the secret formula to winning big on the lotto – secrets he's willing to share with you, for a price. 

With so many upsells it's clear the owners of Lottery Winner University are looking to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible.

The lottery is a game of chance and no special strategy or bad math will change that. Their own disclaimer says this will do nothing to increase your odds of winning.

What Is Lottery Winner University About?

Lottery Winner University is the latest of many programs to come from Richard Lustig, a 7-time state-sponsored lottery winner who won over $1 million between 1993 and 2010.

lottery winner university is a scam

Rather than enjoy his winnings quietly he's made quite a career for himself as the ‘go-to lottery guy' news networks like to invite on before a big rollover game.

Here he is as a guest on HuffPost Live promoting his 40 page book, Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery, still selling today on Amazon at $40 a pop:

Richard Lustig has won exactly $1,052,205.58 (before taxes) though it's important to point out his last win was way back in 2010.

Here's a full breakdown:

  • Jan 1993: $10,000 (scratch-off ticket)
  • Aug 1997: $13,696.03 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • June 2000: Holiday to LA (approx. value of $3,600)
  • Oct 2001: Holiday to Memphis, value $4,966 (scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw)
  • Jan 2002: $842,152.91 (Florida Mega Money)
  • Nov 2008: $73,658.06 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Aug 2010: $98,992.92 (Florida Fantasy 5)

With all of his winnings, a good and logical question to ask would be why is he going to all that effort of writing and selling books and courses?

Before Lottery Winning University, Richard was behind other online courses like:

The truth is, despite Richard claiming to have studied different and strategies until he found a method that worked, his moderate wins came after playing the lottery religiously day after day.

Some would say he's an addicted gambler, having spent the vast majority of his Florida Mega Money winnings ($842,152.91) on lottery tickets chasing the next big jackpot.

When asked exactly how much he's spent on lottery tickets and scratch cards, you'll notice he's never quite able to give a straight answer.

What Do You Get And What Does It Cost?

Lottery Winner University is a $49 a month recurring membership site with 6 months' worth of short video lessons. (We'll talk about the upsells in a minute.)

The way the site is structured means you'll get access to the first month's lesson and have to wait for 30 days to pass before month 2 is unlocked and so on… 

As for the course itself, it's not good…

Sure, there are a few helpful tips like when he talks about keeping your old losing tickets for possible future tax breaks on possible future winnings, but if you're expecting anything new and different you'll be disappointed.

Of the short videos I watched (no longer than 5 minutes) I didn't hear anything you couldn't find out for free by doing a quick Google search.

There was a section called the Scratch Off Secrets System which didn't even make any sense; Richard believes buying 10 scratch cards in a row gives you higher odds than buying 10 random scratch cards for example. Completely illogical.

The only redeeming factor here is the fact Lottery Winner University is covered by the ClickBank 60-day money-back guarantee. I have a feeling you might want to take advantage of this once you see inside the member's area.

Though I should tell you at this point that the 60-day guarantee only covers your initial $49 payment and not the subsequent monthly payments or any upsells you buy into – and there are a few of them.

Let's take a quick look at each one.

Upsell 1: 1-on-1 Phone Coaching ($197)

Before you reach the member's area you're hit with the first upsell. Pay $197 and you're told you'll get unlimited call coaching with Richard Lustig himself for a month. 

phone coaching

Upsell 2: Richard's Top 10 Lottery Secrets ($19)

Next, you're offered this eBook that's supposed to learn the methods Richard uses personally to “skyrocket your odds” and “enjoy the highest chances of winning”.

Upsell 3: Richard's Top Lottery Secrets ($39)

You're not seeing double here, Richard's selling 2 different books; one called ‘Richard's Top 10 Secrets' and the other, ‘Richard's Top Lottery Secrets'.

How weird is that?

Upsell 4: Lottery Pool ($7.99/Month)

And last but not least, the final upsell is for membership of a site called which calls itself the largest lottery pool in the world.

3 Lottery Winner University Secrets Exposed!

1. Richard's Math Doesn't Quite Add Up…

Picking a set of numbers for the lottery isn't like playing poker or chess. It's not a game of skill but of pure luck. 

Richard Lustig has developed methods that don't actually increase your odds at all. 

Let me show you his core ideas and you'll see what I mean. There are basically 2 parts to his lotto method:

a) Pick your own numbers

According to Richard, most people don't win the lottery because they buy quick-pick tickets. He says pick your own set of numbers and you're more likely to hit the jackpot.

The chances of any set of 6 balls being drawn out of 49 are 1 in 13,983,816.

Pick all odd or even numbers, pick numbers at random or pick every 7th number – the chances of any 6 numbers being drawn is still 1 in 13,983,816. This never changes. 

b) Keep using the same numbers combinations until you win

This pretty much sums up the whole strategy; you pick a set of numbers and stick with them until you win. Only then do you change the combination. 

Again, this in no ways changes the odds and defies the basic rules of mathematics. Richard's assuming that a set of numbers is less likely to come up if they've been drawn before because he's assuming balls have a memory, but they don't.

2. Lottery Winner University: Old Scam, New Name

For someone who's won the lottery so many times, he sure is putting a lot of effort into trying to sell his lottery-busting techniques.

I'd go as far as saying he's probably made more money selling books and monthly subscription courses than he ever has playing the lotto.

Compare with his previous product Richard's Lottery Secrets and you'll see they're pretty much identical:

It's hard to tell them apart right? 

The website layout is the same, and both have the same “This video is very controversial” warning message. Even the sales videos are the same.

As I say, for someone claiming to be a millionaire he's pushing hard to sell his secrets.

3. The Disclaimer Says It All

Despite the scammy marketing and fake hyped-up promises, Lotter Winner University will not teach you how to win the lottery, I mean how can it when it's a game of chance?

Check out what it says at the bottom of the their website:

Legal Disclaimer: Most of the Lottery Winner University customers will not win the lottery, and you should not expect to win the lottery by purchasing Lottery Winner University or following the program. 

Anyone who decides to pay the monthly membership fee for this site should know that it's purely for entertainment purposes and won't actually increase your chances of winning the lottery at all.

Is Lottery Winner University A Scam?

Yes – Lottery Winner University is a scam in my opinion.

I highly recommend you do NOT sign up to the $49/month membership fee.

They market this product using deceptive practices to intentionally mislead people into thinking there's a method you can follow to increase your odds of hitting the jackpot.

The lottery is a random selection of numbers and no self-proclaimed lottery guru with a so-called special strategy can change that.

Want some honest advice?

Rather than gambling with the lotto, you'd be better off sticking your money into savings. After 40 years, at an interest rate of 8%, you'd have $38,000 sitting in your account.

Now that’s a guranteed $38k jackpot you can count on right there! 

Why I Don’t Play The Lottery Anymore

For most people, the lottery is just a bit of fun and I get that no-one actually expects to win, but even the tiniest possibility is enough to lure people back week after week.

For me, I don't like to leave things to chance, especially when it comes to my financial future. Which is exactly why I started an online business which is now generating more than $7,000 a month. Luck had nothing to do with it!

I just followed the right step-by-step training, asked for help when I needed it and worked hard to make it happen.

Don't roll the dice on your financial future. Check out that training and discover exactly how to build a guaranteed passive income online. 

20 thoughts on “Is Lottery Winner University A Scam? Richard Lustig Again!”

  1. You might want to edit this post. Lustig has been dead since July 2018. So I doubt that $197 upsell to talk to him anytime is usable though I’m sure they will take your money just the same if the upsell is still there.

    • Yeah, I’ll have to take a look at that.

      These lotto systems are still popping up all over the place so I suspect it’s different people trying to cash in using his name, either that or heaven’s got good wifi!

      Thanks for the heads up, Amanda! 🙂

  2. Whoo hoo! A new brand of scammer created by Richard Lustig! YAY! >_>

    Srsly; this is the third one of these types of scam I’ve come across researching Lustig.

    People reading this; it is NOT possible to make MILLIONS from home, and it is certainly not EASY to make ANYTHING from home. These idiots are playing on the ‘hard work’ for ‘easy money’ stereotype often associated with these tiered Affiliate Scams. They are contrasting themselves with Lustig because you have to ‘work’ to make money with these (or so it’s claimed) which is why I say they were ‘created’ by Lustig, because they are using him as a contrast to hawk their own crappy scams! >:(

  3. Your review is biased and trying to sell your own product. You’re a parasite. Disgusting marketing tactic… You’re the worst type of marketer… Amazing how you can sleep at night… Bashing other people’s hard-earned work to try to gain from your own piece of shit program.

    • Jeff, are you seriously defending this “win the lottery” nonsense?!

      I sleep very well knowing I’ve helped A LOT of people save A LOT of time and money on crap like Lottery Winner University. I get comments and messages from readers every day who thank me for taking the time out to do the research so they don’t have to. Comments like yours are very much the exception.

      If a program is good, I’ll say so and if a program is bad I’ll say so. I guarantee you’ll find only my honest opinions here. Do I make money by referring people to legit programs? Yes absolutely, that’s how affiliate marketing works.

      • Attacking you is NOT defending Lustig! See my brutally honest take for details. I’ve seen your type before. It’s wise to steer clear form folks like you AND Lustig, because you’re ALL the same! SCAMMERS! >:(

        • Good morning to you too William, thanks for the comment. All I can say I have stopped hundreds of people from throwing money at scams and I have no idea why you think I’m a scammer. Please feel free to enlighten me.

          Whether I write positive or negative reviews people will always accuse you of being a scammer which is why I decided a long time ago to only say what I really think either way. I put it down to people being (rightly) cautious and skeptical when it comes to anything related to the ‘make money online’ space.

  4. I ordered the 97.00 Lotto plan from Richard Lustig..but haven’t received it …When will I get it? It’s been about 2 weeks

  5. Reading through this Simon made me get SCAM WArning- Bigtime

    How on earth can someone predict numbers falling from a moving carousel? This guy is a fraudster for sure and thank you for sharing this review and I hope people by the 1000’s visit to learn of this scam

    I have seen your no1 recommendation and I can tell you it is amazing – 100% legitimate and has absolutely everything anyone needs to become successful online

    the only way to make money online is to build your own business and your recommendation shows you how to do this step by step – Thank you Simon

    • You are very welcome Vicki and I’m glad this review helped. Of course I agree with you – Richard Lustig has made a fortune fooling others into thinking the lottery is anything BUT a game of chance and Lottery Winner University is just one of his many ‘teaching programs’.

      Which begs the question, why would someone who seems to have managed to beat the lottery games be so keen to SELL his so-called lottery busting secrets?

  6. This is an interesting idea for an online course so while it probably does nothing for people there may be something here in terms of manifesting what you want. Is there anything noteworthy in terms of mindset that this program offers? Do you think that this was mere coincidence or do you think there is more to it?

    • Honestly, it’s just a numbers game. I really wish we could see how much Richard Lustig spent on the lottery over his lifetime and contrast that with his apparent winnings…

      While I do believe in the power of positive thinking when it comes to building an online business, no amount of willpower is going to change the outcome of a lotto game.

  7. The reality is you only work for money and not guessing for it, Lottery is a guessing game. I am talking this from experience, there is absolutely nothing I haven’t tried on gambling, from horse racing, football betting and lottery itself. You end up selling your valuable assets by engaging in these activities.

    The worst part of Lottery Winner University is, its too expensive.Richard Lusting himself, took 4 years to win the second jackpot, from 1993-1997. What this mean if it happens to a subscriber to his course is he would have spend $49 times 4 years without any return. That is $2,352  in costs before considering any upsells. Its too much, if investing that money into another business, it will mean a lot of money.

    Thank you for such a comprehensive review, it was thorough    

    • Thank you, I think you made a good point… if you want access to all 6 lessons you’re going to have to pay 6 x $49 meaning the true cost of the full program, not taking into account the upsells, is $294.

      Richard’s biggest win despite buying lottery tickets and scratch offs every day was in 2010… I really would love to see the money he’s ‘made’ vs. the money is spent, I think we’d be shocked at how much money he’s spent. He’s basically using his winnings to try and make more… isn’t this what all gamblers do until they go broke?


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