How Much Money Can You Make At Wealthy Affiliate?


how to make money online with wealthy affiliateLast Update 8th May, 2017.

As I'm helping new Starter members get their businesses off the ground one of the most common questions I get asked is:

How much money can you make at Wealthy Affiliate?

You're weighing up whether or not to do this and I understand why you're asking.

The problem is this question never has an easy answer…

I mean I could just say:

Make $76,592 a day on autopilot while you snooze and snore!

…but Wealthy Affiliate's not like that and I try to be honest.

You see, there are members who have been working on their online businesses solidly for 3 months and have made $0 and there are those who have been doing this for 6 years and earning $20,000 a month.

Here's the deal with Wealthy Affiliate:

You don't work for Wealthy Affiliate like working a job (This is an employee mindset.)

They give you everything you need (training, tools, community support, to name a few) to build a successful online business, then it's up to you to take that and use it and build something awesome with it (Entrepreneur mindset.)

So how much money do I make at Wealthy Affiliate?

I share my  personal online income journey in more detail in:

But for now, I wanted to give you a quick glimpse into my earnings.

A good place to start is at the beginning – I started Wealthy Affiliate in 2014 as a total newbie, I mean I had never made a website before, I loved writing but I had never been a ‘professional blogger' before and didn't even know what affiliate marketing was.

On the very first day of joining Wealthy Affiliate I wrote out these money goals myself and shared them with the other members:

make money online goals

Did you see that last sentence? And I wasn't just being dramatic, I was serious.

I worked day and night, I watched every video lesson, I read every tutorial and completed every action step.

Then at the two week mark something amazing happened, my first sale!

I will never forget it – I grinned from ear to ear, punched the air triumphantly and did a terrible Irish river dancing impression. (it was terrible but at least there was no one else in the room!) 🙂

how to make money blogging

Do you want to know how much money I made?


That's it! Peanuts right?


Because of the training I had learned how making money online works. I knew it was a process and I understood it would take time. But this first sale showed me I was doing something right, I just needed to keep going.

What started as a sale a week gradually become a sale a day and then several sales a day…

After 12 months I was earning enough to quit my full-time job, so I kissed my call centre boss goodbye forever and set sail for Thailand where I am to this day.

How much money do I make?

I've been working at this (on and off) for 3 years and I now earn $6,000+ per month. I've met my first money goal and now I'm working towards hitting my second goal of hitting $30,000 per month.

Do you know the difference between a dream and a goal? A dream is something I wish would happen. A goal is what I make happen – a massive difference!

Are you ready to start your online business?
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The longer you’re not taking action    the more money you’re losing.”      Carrie Wilkerson

More Wealthy Affiliate success stories

You've heard my success story, now let's here from other members at Wealthy Affiliate…

The get rich quick mentality

People understand that an offline business takes time to build and grow, but when it comes to online business some people expect to be making thousands on day one.

Maybe it's because of all the ‘get rich quick' gurus out their promising overnight riches or the fact that we can send messages across the world at a click of a button… when it comes to the internet we expect everything to happen yesterday.

This isn't how it works.

If you're serious about making money online, it has to be a legit business built on a solid foundation. And this takes time.

It took me 12 months to replace my full-time income – you could do it in 6 months or it might take you 2 years.

Here's the real answer to the question

While some people will reach the $1,000 mark after only 6 months, for others it could take 2-3 years…

So how much money can you make at Wealthy Affiliate?

Your earnings could be non-existent or limitless. Really.

It all depends on you.

I know, you might not like that answer but it's the most honest answer I can give you.

How much time are you willing to put into this?

How much time are willing to put into this? If you want to be a success and become a full-time affiliate marketer you're going to have to put in the hours.

Are you free all day so you can work 7 hours a day or can you squeeze a couple of hours a day on the evenings and weekends?

As well as putting the ime in, you have to give your business time to grow. When you're learning something new you have to give yourself time to learn new skills, to apply what you're learning and to get better over time.

Unfortunately I see so many people give up at the 3 month mark when breakthrough is just around the corner.

Are you willing to take action?

Each training lesson within Wealthy Affiliate have actionable steps to complete before moving on to the next lesson. I love this because it means you build your online business as you work your way through the course, ut only if you're willing to take action on what you're learning.

If you want to get the results you're not already getting, you're going to have to start doing things you're not already doing.

We often think we'll get from where we are now to where we wantt o be in one fell swoop, one giant leap. The reality is how much money you'll make at Wealthy Affiliate is determined by those small, seemingly insignificant steps you take every day consistently.

Know why you're doing this and never give up. Take action to make your dreams a reality and can you imagine where you could be 6 months from now, a year from now?

How different would your life look if you escape that office cubicle? What would your life look like if you could be a fully-fledged, profitable business owner, able to work anywhere in the world?

If you're ready to get started, let's build your online business together.

Click here to get started.

Got any questions? Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review here or leave your comments below. What do you think it takes to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? 

12 thoughts on “How Much Money Can You Make At Wealthy Affiliate?”

  1. What a nice inspiration Simon! Now I’m more motivated to continue on this affiliate marketing journey. Been at it close to 10 months now and am no where near the full time income. To be fair to myself, I only have weekends and a couple of hours every evening to work on my site, so I can say that result is justifiable lol. Add i put more content weekly, I can see the traffic increasing – not as much as what I’ve liked but still enough to propel me to continue this adventure. With yours and countless other Wealthy Affiliate success stories, I know that it’s only a matter of months before this become profitable to me =)

    By the way, are you only affiliate with Amazon and WA? Do you use other programs as well?

    • Hi Isaac, it looks like it’s definitely going in the right direction for you, it sounds like your stats are going up and it’s only a matter of time until you see your breakthrough.

      To answer your question, I have a growing blog portfolio in a variety of niches so depending on the niche, I offer relevant and useful products and services. Some of the thing I make money from are Thai language courses, leadership courses, church management tools. I prefer to promote things that offer me a recurring monthly commission and only if I use it myself will I recommend it. This is best because then you can talk about it honestly and give your unique perspective.

      I earn a little bit on the side from Amazon, but I’ve just bought my first done-for-you Amazon affiliate website so this should increase 10 fold in the next few months.

  2. Hello,

    So happy to have the opportunity to check your site out again. I love the way you write and inspire. This article was no different. You are honest, helpful, and approachable in this article, as always. Looking forward to reading more from you and continuing to build my way to success similar to your’s.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate that! With Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you need to succeed, I’ll hopefully see you inside the member’s area so I can help you get your online busess started.

      Glad you found this helpful. To your online success!

  3. Thank you for this article.

    It is good to see someone who actually does affiliate marketing and telling people that it is not gonna be easy and it takes time.

    Not like the gurus.. “just do this simple trick and next week you could earn a million a day.”

    Keep up the good work and hope you will reach all your goals.

    • Thanks Albert. Sure, I could easily say do this, pay for that and you’ll be a millionaire by the end of the month but that’s not realistic. One of my main objectives in starting the Make Money Online Blog is to tell it how it is. Welcome to the real world! 🙂

      And one of the first shifts in mindset that needs to happen to become a successful online entrepreneur is that online business is like offline business. Sure your earning potential is greater because you can reach a global audience but you need to learn a new skill set to be able to reach those people and have some of value to offer.

      All the best to you Albert and thanks for commenting!

  4. This is inspiring Simon, it is gearing me up to push harÉ—er. You write pretty well and i love how you make it an i tresting read.

    3 months in now, no sale yet but still optimistic and grinding. I know with time it will take shape.

    Can you give me a tip? Email marketing?


    • Hi Jimmy, great to hear from you!

      I love that, you’ve got to push past those limits! Whether externally put on you or self-imposed, push!

      3 months is usually the time your website starts gaining traction within the search engines so if you’ve been posting regularly, get ready to see an upsurge in traffic.

      As you know, Wealthy Affiliate teach a solid business model likened to building a skyscraper. It’s a lot easier to build a wooden shack, could do it in a day (spamming Facebook, MLM, scams) but it’s it’s got no long-term value.

      Ever seena skyscraper being built? For months and months you see nothing. They’re working on the foundation, but once it’s finished it seems like the building itself shoots up before you even know it.

      It’s the same for online business. So don’t worry, you’re digging a really strong platform and you’ll reap the rewards again and again if you don’t give up.

      Check out How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate for more on this 🙂

      Oh and of course, I can take a look at your website and give you some pointers for sure. Send me a private message within the Wealthy Affiliate member’s area if you like 🙂

  5. Hi Simon,
    You have a very special gift of being able to write captivating content. I was interested in every word you had to say and you said it so beautifully. You explained the Wealthy Affiliate program perfectly right to a tee. I can see why you are so successful with it.

    This is an awesome post and so is your Wealthy Affiliate review and your story of your experiences, success and challenges. I’m really happy for you.

    I know I will get as far as you some day but I’m going just a bit slower and I haven’t been here as long as you have. I have done all the certification courses, didn’t skip any of the tasks, watched all the videos, etc. and I’m a good way through the Boot Camp. I’m making Amazon sales daily and they keep on increasing, so I know it works. I’m also getting invites to the wealthy affiliate program as well, this definitely does work!

    Keep up the great work! You have inspired me with your story. I wish you all the best of success in everything you do!

    • Glad to have inspired you! Sometimes when people ask much money can they make with Wealthy Affiliate they think it’s some kind of system where you sign up and money starts pouring into your PayPal account, and as you know, this is simply not the case. They give you the tell you how to build an online business, give you the tools you need to do it and then you take the driving seat from there.

      You’re in charge of your own destiny, sure you have the help and support but only you can make it happen. And that sounds exactly like what you’re doing Gina! The fact your making sales on a daily basis is awesome! Do you know how many people wish for that in itself? Keep going and you’ll get there!

      It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, you will get there. This is just the start of the making money online journey for you and it’s only going to get bigger and better for you from now on. It’s an acculumative effect and momentum builds on momentum. I can’t ait to see where you are this time next year! So many great things ahead of you!

      Thanks for sharing Gina and I wish you all the very best.

  6. You get out of it what you put into it. It’s pretty amazing that you made your first sale after just 2 weeks. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but it does work. There is no legitimate get rich quick scheme. I read all the success stories also, and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t give it a try. You are truly blessed.

    • You never forget your first sale 🙂

      Maybe lots of people are still looking for the “click this button here and you’ll make $10,000 a day” program that doesn’t exist. Let them keep on looking. Wealthy Affiliate is for people who are willing to put in time to make it work. Every success to you Gary!


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