Day 8: Creating Content That Connects

make money helpful blogIf I could give you only one peice of advice as you create and build your money making blog it would be…

…to forget about making money.

I know, I know, it seems counter-intuitive but to really be successful at this game your focus should be to make every blog post, eBook, podcast and YouTube video you create as helpful and as useful as possible.

Be a generous blogger

As you write, forget about needing to write perfectly, insead try and be as helpful as possible and let your personality shine through.

Be generous in your writing. And always write directly to your reader. Answer the burning questions they have, offerful real and helpful solutions to problems they are facing.

Real people with real problems + helpful answers and solutions = a successful and profitable blog.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes, see where they’re coming from, understand the difficulties they’re facing and help them we’re they’re at.

When your readers see you really do have their best in mind, they’ll come to trust you and will be more willing act on your recommendations.

So I hope you can see, the more you help people, the more successful you will be.

Writing gets easier and quicker with time

how to write a blog post quickly fastI get lots of emails and comments from aspiring bloggers just starting out who think they need to be professional writers…

But you don’t need to be a professional writer to be a professional blogger, you just need to be yourself and help people.

When I first started blogging it would take me up to 4 hours to create a 1,000 word blog post.

The perfectionist in me would edit and re-edit and fret over the tiniest details. I found coming up with ideas difficult and the writing just didn’t flow.

Nowadays I can easily write 5 blog posts in a day. How? Because I’ve practiced.

Like with anything in life, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. As you push on through and not give up, you’re writing will get better, flow easier and come out quicker.

So keep this in mind as you start to add meat to the bones of your website today by adding helpful content.

Are you ready?

Let’s get to it!

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how to write helpful and useful blog content

To your online success!


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“The more you do something and the more you work hard at it, the better you get at it.” Douglas Rogers

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