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Day 6: Telling Search Engines Your Site Exists

how to keyword research for seo

Today's an exciting day because we're going to be building on the foundation you put in place yesterday and  marks the beginning of getting your site ready for the search engines!

(If you missed Lesson 5 click here.)

Every day Google is searches 3.5 billion times! That's a lot of people asking questions!

Whatever topic your site is based on, you'll be successful when you learn how to help people in your niche find what they're looking for.

Tomorrow we'll be looking at how you can ensure your website gets on the top of the first page of Google. This is going to lead to lots of free, targeted traffic for your website.

But for today, you're going to be adding a sitemap to your website. This is important because it lets search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing know your site exists so they can begin to add your site to their search results.

Never done it before? Does this is sound a bit technical? Don't worry, as always we're going to take this step by step!

=> Click here for Lesson 6: Getting Your Site Ready For SEO

how to upload a sitemap for a website

To your online success!


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