Click Cash System Review: Steer Clear From This Scam!

Click Cash System Review

Hi and welcome to my Click Cash System review!

If you’ve received an email, given a link, or recommended by a friend to check this out, you’re probably on the lookout for a legit way to make money online

Good thing you checked this review out first before handing over your money and information. You’ll be in for some goosebumps when you realize how dangerous confusing this system actually is. 

The $1,000 in 60 minutes claims might have had your eyes wide open. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to make money that fast? 

However, after getting over the trance this hypey claim has brought you in, you’ll realize it will take more than an hour to make money online especially if you’re just starting out. 

Scams are on the rise every single day, how can you dodge the victim list? 

Today, you’re going to find out what Click Cash System is, how much it costs, how it works, and if it’s a scam or not so you can steer clear from this if it turns out to be a bogus attempt to help you make money online. 

Click Cash System Review At A Glance

About: Click Cash System is an online income system promising to help you make $1000s/day.

Price: At one point it $37 but now went up to $97. The minimum deposit required to start is $250, though you can go as high as $15,000.

Pros: None at all.

Cons: The business model is confusing, at one point it was promoting affiliate marketing, but currently it’s working on cryptocurrency.

Verdict: Click Cash System is definitely a scam. It has an unstable business model and the income claims are also outrageously big without any proof. 


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What Is Click Cash System?

Click Cash System is a confusing money-making opportunity. Once it was teaching affiliate marketing and providing pre-built websites to promote affiliate offers. Currently, though it is promoting cryptocurrency

I’ve researched a lot of resources on this and most of them described Click For Cash as an affiliate marketing opportunity. A low-quality one that is. 

However, I got intrigued when one resource stood out.

It says Click For Cash is about Bitcoin Evolution and true enough, when you go to Click Cash System’s sales page, click on the “start registration here” button, you’ll be shockingly redirected to, a landing page for Bitcoin Evolution. 

Click Cash System Bitcoin Evolution

Click Cash System Sales Page Hype

The sales page says Click Cash System is “the most effective way to make money from home”. 

I don’t know about you since I’ve started the What Is section it’s been one red flag after another. This claim just adds to it. 

Superlative descriptions like “it’s the most effective way” definitely sends the alarms blaring. 

Think about it:

How did they know it was indeed the most effective way? There’s not even a simple case study laid out to prove it. 

Add to it the description of “it’s been an outlet for 100s of members to help promote a comfortable financial life”.  

Sure, push the emotional buttons, the more you poke it with hypey pipe dreams, the less credible you become. 

Who Is This “You” By The Way?

There’s actually no telling. At one point there was a sales video with a guy name Carl Randolph posing to be the owner. I guess the sales page was overhauled a gazillion times because there is no mention of a Carl Randolph anywhere. 

This guy appeared when Click Cash System was still an affiliate marketing opportunity and now that it’s a crypto thingamajig, I guess the scammer behind this decided to get rid of him. 

How Much Is Click Cash System?

Like the business model it adapts, the prices fluctuate too. Once it was priced at $37. Later it went to $47 and currently it’s at $97. 

There's also a minimum deposit required to start with Bitcoin Revolution is $250, though you can go as high as $15,000.

Click Cash System Is Just A Spin-off Of Click For Cash?

The sales video previously embedded on the Click For Cash System features the Carl Randolph guy wearing a blue shirt while talking on a couch. 

The same outdated video (originally released in 2014) can be seen on Click For Cash implying the latter is just a failed attempt to revive an old system using a new name. 

Click Cash System Bogus Owner

The affiliate marketing training you get in the older Click Cash System version is the exact same one you would’ve gotten in Click For Cash. 

Why did it go defunct? No one cared to buy it anymore realizing how shabby it was so the owner no longer saw any use to it. The same reason why he rebranded it to Click Cash System and later on changed the business model altogether while keeping the name. 

What You Would’ve Gotten From The Affiliate Marketing Version Of Click Cash System

Aside from the lousy outdated training, (you’re better off watching free videos on YouTube) you’ll get 50 pre-built templates you can use for your affiliate offer campaigns. 

They’re just actually one-page cheap and tacky landing pages not a single person will get interested in. 

How do you drive traffic to those landing pages?

Either you spend a fortune on paid ads you know nothing about, which basically ends up with you flushing precious money down the drain or you pay a solo ads vendor for his email list so you can spam the people who probably directed any email from the vendor to the spam folder.

One thing I know about spam folders is that it’s like a virtual grave, nobody bothers to dig into it knowing there’s nothing of value anywhere inside. 

Will you make $1000s from this? Hardly!

Listen to Simon as he explains how much you can really make with affiliate marketing.

The Dangers Of The Cryptocurrency Version Of Click Cash System

First off, the sales page is not secure. Any sensitive information you input in it is in danger of getting into the wrong hands.

Click Cash System Not Secure Website

One day you might wake up either with a zeroed-out bank account or a stolen identity. Nothing of the choices sound better than the other. 

Secondly, although a lot of people can vouch for cryptocurrency claiming it’s safe and it’s a sustainable way to grow your money, the market is just too volatile and for all we know it the bubble could burst leaving you with nothing. 

Personal, if I’d invest my hard-earned money, I’d make sure I put in a legit sustainable business I can count on for the years to come. 

There’s just no secure future for cryptocurrency.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can get insane gains from cryptos. Some people make $1,300 every day with it, others more. 

The problem is in just a single blink you can also lose everything. 

How Does Click Cash System Work?

There is supposed to be a 3 -step process.

1. Register and access Bitcoin Evolution’s software.

2.  Invest $250. Though you can go as high as $15,000.

3. Profit from it.

Does it explain how it grows your money? No.

Does this limited information make you trust you’ll get your money back? No. 

Through and through, this is a shady method to make money online. 

Could you expect a shady opportunity to provide you a sustainable income? Never. 

You’re always at risk and making money online doesn’t need to make you feel anxious every day. 

Is Click Cash System A Scam?

Yes, Click Cash System is an ironclad scam. First, it works on a confusing business model. Second, it’s a mere spin-off of a defunct online opportunity. Third, the current method, cryptos, is too volatile, you can’t rely on it to deliver the promised daily income claims.

What convinces me more it’s a scam?

Check out these people who are supposed to supposed to boost your trust in the system:

Click Cash System Testimonials

These guys give baseless testimonials. Their only goal is to tickle your ears so they can convince you to fork out your money. 

They can’t even hardly prove they’ve really tried it themselves!

Why am I so sure they don’t really know what they’re talking about and instead just following off a script?

Because these people a simply hired actors from Fiverr!

Click Cash System Hired Actors

Surely, a legit system won’t stoop down so low to pay people to vouch for them. 

What Do You Do Now?

I know it’s frustrating to know the truth. 

But just imagine the loss you would have to suffer if you learned things the hard way. 

Here’s a basic truth in making money online:

There is no shiny shortcut, there is no detour, you have to take the high road by investing not just your money but also you time and effort to learn the ropes of the business. 

Frankly, the first business model Click Cash System worked on had a lot of potential for sustainable income. 

The sad thing is, they’ve given it a bad name. 

Affiliate marketing is actually a solid way to make money online. 

You’ll build a website for a niche you’re personally interested in, make some content like blogs proving you know what you’re talking about, and monetizing your website with affiliate offers.

You might think that’s a lot to take in, but you can take one step at a time with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers step-by-step comprehensive training that will teach you everything from scratch so you can build and maintain a sustainable online business, a business, YOU really own.

If you’re interested to know more about this opportunity, head on to this tell-all Wealthy Affiliate review to discover all the benefits you can get from the training, your first step to reaching your online income goals. 

What Can You Say?

Did you get confused what Click Cash System is really about? Did you feel it’s not a sustainable way to make money online? Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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