Affiliate Titan X Review: The Training Has Huge Gaps

Affiliate Titan X Review

Hi, I’m IG and welcome to my Affiliate Titan X review!

Who doesn’t want to make $1000s online daily just by investing spare change?

Sounds tempting with the lesser risk, right? But there’s a lot to know before you reach into your pockets. 

Although this may seem like a good deal out of your $5 by offering training and some tools, you’re bound to disappointingly find out there’s really no value to what you’re paying for. 

I’ll get you an overview of what Affiliate Titan X is, tell you how it works. I'll also explain to you why this is not a worthy deal to get you into a better position of whether you should buy this or not. 

Let’s face it, if you buy this and find out it’s nothing but a shabby affiliate product, you didn’t just waste $5, you’ve also wasted a lot of your precious time. 

It will be an empty investment altogether. 

Don’t worry. By the end of this review, even if you find out Affiliate Titan X is a lousy product, you won’t finish this review with a heavy heart. I’ll be telling you of an alternative that’s way more valuable than any hyped-up make money online system.

Affiliate Titan X Review At A Glance

About: Affiliate Titan X is a combination of training and tools to supposedly help you make $10,000s every day.

Price: $5

Pros: You'll get a very basic overview of affiliate marketing but be warned, the training is based around reselling the training.

Cons: You’ll need better training than Affiliate Titan X if you really want to make a sustainable income online. It doesn’t live up to its hype.

Verdict: This is utter crap. There's nothing here that can't be found for free elsewhere. 


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What Is Affiliate Titan X?

Affiliate Titan X is a July 2018 JVZoo product created by Chris X and Ken. It is a package of eBooks and videos as training materials and some software to build websites, find affiliate offers, and make videos. 

It says its video maker is “the fastest way to create videos” so you can get 3,000 visitors for your offers daily. 

Sounds like it’s too good of a deal for a $5 system if you ask me.

The sales page says Affiliate Titan X is originally priced at $97. Don’t believe this gimmick.

Where will you ever find a valuable system with its price cut enough to make its worth spare change? 

This only happens when the system isn’t worth anything in the first place. 

But here’s more:

It tells you it produces “explosive results” by helping you make almost $10,000 in affiliate commission on an everyday basis!

Think again:

Are Chris and Ken generous enough to sell you something worth a dime so you’ll make a fortune?

If they were really as generous as they portray themselves to be, why don’t they just give the system for free?

Everybody would’ve become rich in an instant!

But then again, have you heard of anybody who got rich because of Affiliate Titan X?

Me neither. 

Affiliate Titan X’s Lousy Software Package

Once you pay up $5 for Affiliate Titan X, you’ll get access to affiliate offer finders: King of the Zon, Launch Pulse, and CB 250. You’ll also get a landing page template called 1 Click Affiliate and a video maker called Rapid Video Ranker.

King Of The Zon

It’s essentially an Amazon search bar. You can use this tool to search for Amazon affiliate offers.

But while will you have to pay for this if you can just directly go to Amazon to find affiliate offers?

It doesn’t even provide in-depth information about the offers.

Affiliate Titan X King Of Zon

Here’s what’s worse:

King Of The Zon turned out to be a free software so there’s no use paying Affiliate Titan X for it. 

CB 250

CB 250 is pretty much like King of The Zon, only instead of finding Amazon products, you’ll get ClickBank products. 

You can do the same search in ClickBank and CB 250 doesn’t offer any advantage to using it instead of directly searching in ClickBank’s marketplace so why bother buying it?

Affiliate Titan X CB 250

Launch Pulse

Launch Pulse works similar to King of the Zon and CB 250. The only difference is you find upcoming affiliate offers here. 

Affiliate Titan X Launch Pulse

1 Click Affiliate

1 Click Affiliate, as I’ve mentioned earlier is a landing page template you can use to pitch your affiliate offers. 

It’s supposed to create your websites for you, but the sad part is they just spin the content, and you end up with something unclear and bewildering to read. 

Let me ask you:

Will you get interested in a product if you can’t understand its sales page? 

I thought so too. 

Rapid Video Ranker

This software supposedly helps you create videos you can upload to a lot of places. 

I wouldn’t describe it as the sales page portrays it. It says it a “simple” video editor but to me it’s more of a shabby video editor. 

All it does is create slideshow-based videos any kid can do. It’s like a PowerPoint presentation uploaded on YouTube. 

At best, any person who stumbles upon your video will be out and running in 2 seconds flat. Worse, you’ll even get a bad comment and bad rating. 

Affiliate Titan X Training

Affiliate Titan X summarizes its training in 3 steps:

1. Find a good affiliate offer to sell.

2. Create a campaign using 1 Click Affiliate in just 1 minute. 

3. Drive traffic to your offers using videos you create with Rapid Video Ranker. 

Mind you, this is not something new, it’s an old age strategy in creating traffic-generating content. 

And it doesn’t look good for you. Since it’s been around for some time and a lot of affiliate marketers have been doing it, this method is over-saturated, you’ll hardly get anyone to notice your video. 

Don’t get me wrong, using YouTube as a traffic source has good potential. But it’s not as easy as how Chris and Ken make it seem. 

If there’s a single thing they did right, it’s teaching you the very basics of affiliate marketing. But it’s so basic it’s not enough. 

Everything after that is pure rubbish. 

The training teaches you to use pre-written scripts to use on your videos. They tell you what targets keywords, title, and description to use. Basically, they’re teaching you to make “affiliate reviews”. 

If you’ve seen most affiliate reviews about digital product on Youtube, they aren’t actually reviews. They’re just the sales page pulled and transformed into a video. 

How do you expect people to get interested in your video when they’ve seen and heard everything on the sales page in the first place?

They’re too shabby, you’ll never get anybody to buy your offer, let alone click on your sales page. 

It won’t work. 

There are just too many so-called affiliate marketers making it and you’re not doing real product reviews in the first place!

It’s just a shabby way to promote products they know little about and cloaking it as a review video. 

Check this out for instance:

Affiliate Titan X YouTueb Search Results

I searched for “Affiliate Titan X reviews” and the YouTube search results listed a bunch of so-called product reviews with barely anybody watching them.

If you follow what Affiliate Titan X is teaching, you’ll end up with videos like these. 

Frankly, if you but Affiliate Titan X, you’ll merely be taught to make “review videos” that will never make anyone convert. It’s such a waste of money, even if it’s just $5.  

Affiliate Titan X is an utterly shallow training teaching you ankle-deep information when you need a neck-deep training to start making money online. 

The disconnect is just too large, I don’t believe it will ever live up to its $10,000 per day income hype. 

If you want to get a real picture of how much money you’ll make with affiliate marketing, here’s Simon to explain it to you. 

Why You Can't Make Money With Affiliate Titan X

1. Nobody Buys At First Glance

It’s highly unlikely anybody who lands on your video, even if it's decent enough to consume, will immediately decide to buy what you pitch to them.

There’s a marketing strategy called “Buyer’s Journey” where you put people in a funnel with the ultimate goal of getting them to convert and come back for more. 

You can’t reach this goal with just one video. (A lousy one if you use Affiliate Titan X)

You’re whole YouTube channel or website must help people get aware of who you are, why you’re credible, and what you are pitching. You give them good reasons to convert. 

They should know who you are so they can start building trust in you. 

Nothing about this strategy is taught in Affiliate Titan X. 


When was the last time you trusted a random, overly-energetic voice over-promising you over-the-edge income claims? 

Never, right?

I know you’re too smart for that. 

2. You'll Need To Spend More

Making decent and sustainable money online requires more than just a $5 investment. 

At the very least, you’ll need to pay for domain and hosting for your own website which costs $30-$40 per year, and good quality training which costs around $500-$600 per year. 

Think about it:

It’s completely nuts to start cliff climbing without even learning how to tie a rope. 

The same principle goes for making money online. Unless you invest in learning how it works, you’ll be in for a huge painful fall.

True, there’s good money in affiliate marketing. But you’ll only get to that point when you’ve invested in learning the skill set needed. 

Is Affiliate Titan X A Scam? 

Yes, Affiliate Titan X is a scam. The system misleadingly tells you there’s value to the package it provides when in reality you can find them for free elsewhere. What makes it more of a scam is promising sky-high income claims you couldn’t achieve just by relying on the training alone.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Pull the plug on overly hyped systems and start learning the ropes of affiliate marketing yourself with good training.

Invest in training that takes you by the hand while teaching you everything from scratch. 

Let’s face it, the more you know about the business, the better your control is. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers you this kind of training. You’ll get to learn about affiliate marketing right from how you build it up to how you maintain it. 

You’ll learn of the best sustainable traffic solutions you won’t get to learn with shiny systems like Affiliate Titan X. 

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, the 1st 10 lessons are free for you to try. 

To get you started, check out this comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more about what this training can offer you. 

What’s Your Take?

Were you convinced Affiliate Titan X has lousy software? Were you disappointed to learn how shallow the training is? Tell us what you feel in the comments section below. 

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