Project Profit Academy Review: Why It’s Not For Beginners


In this Project Profit Academy review we’ll talk about Brendan’s affiliate marketing training which allegedly helps you make a 5-figure income every month like he does.  Hi I’m IG, a full-time make-money opportunity researcher and blogger and welcome to my Project Profit Academy review.  Coming across internet marketing gurus nowadays is not news anymore. You’ll see almost all of them … Read more

Is Brendan Mace’s Printly A Scam Or An Overnight Money-Maker?


Brendan Mace has partnered with Ike Paz and Dalton Scott to create this money-machine that supposedly gets you $278.62 not per day, but per hour! Is it a scam? You’re about to find out.  Brendan promises you training for passive income which comes with free traffic and just takes 20 minutes to set up. And the cherry on top? No … Read more

Urgency Suites Pro Review: There’s A Better Method Than This


Welcome to my Urgency Suites Pro review! Today we’re going to do a deep dive on Brendan and Jono’s scarcity digital product which they personally claim to use to scale their income from $3,000 to a staggering $42,000 which supposedly just takes 30 seconds to set up. True enough, the “urgency” technique is a real marketing strategy that potentially gets … Read more

Super Funnels Review: I Don’t Trust The Creators


Landing on the Super Funnels sales page, you’ll be greeted with the words, “breakthrough software that automates free traffic, leads and commissions in less than 60 seconds”. Is there and inch of truth to this claim? I highly doubt it.  In this review, I’ll tell you what Super Funnels really is and how it works. I’ll also reveal whether this … Read more

Is Stomperrr A Scam? Here’s The Tragic Truth


Hi and welcome to my review of Stomperrr! Today you’ll know the truth behind the “next-gen software” that “automatically and effortlessly” helped Brendan get $1000 paydays. Are any of these true? Or are they all scams? Amusingly, Brendan says this software helps you find desperate buyers with a problem to make money from.  The reality though, they’re not really as … Read more

Is Aurora 2.0 A Scam? The Truth Will Shock You!


Hi! Welcome to my review of Aurora 2.0 and today you’re going to find out the shocking truth to the question of whether it’s a scam or not. Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong have teamed up again to bring you this “game-changing software that automate $1,000 commissions”.  Sound too good to be true? Because it is! You’ll hear of over … Read more

Is Commission Code A Scam? It Definitely Is – Here’s Why!


Commission Code claims you can make over $1,200 with it in just 10 minutes of work every day. Is it a scam? It absolutely is! For one, the claim itself is just too good to be true. All the other reasons, I’ll explain in a bit. If you decide to give this a try, you won’t just get scammed, you’ll … Read more

Passive Profit Funnels Review: Glynn Kosky Is At It Again!


Nothing is new with Passive Profit Funnels and I’ll show you why in this review. Honestly, when I checked out the sales page the first few lines made me say: “here we go again”.  Why? Glynn says it’s a “super affiliate breakthrough” that “generates unlimited free traffic and sales in less than 60 seconds per day”.  I’ve read this hype … Read more

Pinwizz Review: 3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Buy This


Hi! My name is IG and welcome to my review of Pinwizz.  Today we’re going behind the claims of “the world’s first Pinterest automation system” and find out if you can really make $442 per click if you use this.  It’s another “push-button-easy” which sent the alarm on. In this review, you’ll get aware of the pitfalls you’ll encounter if … Read more

1K Daily System Review: an Nth Rehash Of An Old System

1K Daily System Review Scam Or Legit

Welcome to my review of 1K Daily System! I just dropped the first bombed in the title and there’s more to come.  Glynn welcome you in 1K Daily System’s sales page saying:  “This high-ticket commission system generates us $1,000 &unlimited traffic in under 60 seconds!” If you’ve read a couple of my reviews on Glynn’s products, you’ll probably say it … Read more



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