5 Dirty Secrets Every Money Making Blogger Should Tell You (But Won’t)


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Are you sitting down? I hope so.

Because now it’s time to push past the fluffy hype and reveal some of the dirtiest secrets of making money blogging.

The downfalls to blogging if you will… the things you don’t normally find out about.

I hope you’re ready for this.

More and more people are deciding to start a blog as a way to make money online and become independent business owners.

The sole reason I launched The Make Money Online Blog was to show people how to start and run successful blogging businesses.

The benefits to becoming an online entrepreneur far outweigh any money or time you invest. Whatever you put into your online business (as long as you don’t quit), will pay you back many times over for years to come.

I like to put it this way: launching my blogging portfolio three years ago and the progress I’ve made until now is

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Top 10 Tips on How To Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

how to start a wordpress blogYou may or may not know that I’ve been making money blogging since 2014 and I’ve been making more than a full-time income from my blogs since 2015.

You can read my full story here.

Over the last few years I’ve learned a few things about the making money by blogging industry.

Not only through the free training at Wealthy Affiliate, but through my own experience as well.

And very often I’m asked by Make Money Online Blog readers how to make money blogging, especially through affiliate marketing and exactly what it takes to build successful blogs.

Now let me start with the bad news: since I founded this blog I’ve seen hundreds of people succeed at building their online empires and create a passive income for themselves using the blogging platform, but I’ll be honest and tell

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How To Join Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update 23rd March, 2017.

the-wealthy-affiliate-reviewThe purpose of this step-by-step guide is to help getting started at Wealthy Affiliate that much easier.

Follow this step-by-step walkthrough and you’ll find creating a free starter account is easy and simple, in fact, follow these steps and you’ll be up and running before you knwo it.

In less than 2 minutes you’ll have access to the community, training and tools at Wealthy Affiliate.

In my review of the Wealthy Affiliate program I go into detail giving all the compelling reasons to join Wealthy Affiliate, what you’ll learn and the results you can expect.

Click here to become a FREE Wealthy Affiliate member 

Need me to show you? No problem!


Let’s jump right in and get your account set up!

How to join Wealthy Affiliate – 5 Step Process for Maximum Success

Here are the 5 steps you can take to

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5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Make Money Blogging Like a Pro

make money blogging mistakes

Strange feeling, isn’t it?

When you’re excited and terrified at the same time, I call it the ‘happily-terrified feeling‘.

This is exactly what it feels like to start your own blogging business.

And it’s tons better than being stuck in a dead-end job you hate knowing there’s more to life.

Is it risky to make money blogging? Not really – to run all my online businesses only costs me $47 a month and I didn’t quit my job and make the move from the UK to Thailand until my blogs were generating enough money for me to do so.

But even though there’s little financial risk at stake, I know it can still be a little nerve-wracking to step out into something new and unknown. That’s why it’s so important to get the right training and community support.

Starting a blog and

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10 Top Tips on How to Write a Blog Post Quickly

how to write a blog post quickly fastLast Update 6th March, 2017.

You sit down in your writing chair pumped to write your next viral blog post.

You look up at the clock and a couple of hours have already passed by….

Now you’re banging your head on your desk in absolute frustration and kicking yourself for being a bad blogger.

Been there, done that so many times… but I think what I’m going to share with you now will help you with this.

So invest the next 5 minutes reading this post in it’s entirety and I’ve help you avoid wasting hours of time by showing you exactly how I write 1,000 word blog posts in under 60 minutes.


The slowest blog post writer you’ve ever met

I just want you to understand I was once the slowest, procrastinating, perfectionist blog post writer you’ve ever met.

My first two years

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how to start a blog and make money


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