12 Day Millionaire Review: Beware The Many Red Flags!

12 Day Millionaire

In this 12 Day Millionaire review, you’ll find red flag after red flag. 

If you take the time to find out what these alarm bells are, you’ll definitely spare yourself from pies in the sky and money down the drain. 

It’s most likely your dream to make money online to sustain you for the long-term. However, with an ocean of scams riding the tide, you’ll certainly want to ride the right boat. 

In this review, you’ll know what 12 Day Millionaire really is, how much it costs if it’s a scam, and more. After reading this review, you’ll be able to make a better choice if you should try this or not.

12 Day Millionaire Review At A Glance

About: 12 Day Millionaire is an affiliate marketing system promising to help you become, as the name suggests, a millionaire in just 12 days.

Price: $37 for the front-end package.

Pros: None whatsoever.

Cons: The sales page is littered with phony credibility red flags like fake testimonials.

Verdict: 12 Day Millionaire is no more than a baloney shiny shortcut. It won’t generate the income for you that it promises.


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What Is 12 Day Millionaire?

12 Day Millionaire is an affiliate income system put together by a guy named Josh. He supposedly has a specific formula for building income-generating websites that have made him earn an 8-figure income. 

The problem is, other than this phony screen name and claiming he’s a successful online marketer, there’s no other information about this supposed online big shot. 

What’s interesting is, the order form doesn’t mention of any Josh guy, instead, it shows the vendor for this system is named Benjamin Carter. 

Oops… There’s goes the first red flag. 

For the sake of identifying him, we’ll just call him Josh in this review. 

Josh is supposedly a philanthropist of some sort by offering his “best-performing websites” to you so you can make as much money as he does. He said it has a specific formula to get you to earn as much an 8-figure income over time.

Assuming he means 10 million by saying 8-figure income, which you supposedly earn in 24 months, this basically means he’s claiming you’ll make $400k monthly or $13k daily.

I thought he promised to help you become a millionaire in 12 days?!

Red flag number 2 right there. 

Whichever of the digits are true, which I doubt even one of them really is, the income promises are still insanely high. 

I’m not saying you can’t make this much with affiliate marketing but just paying $37 and clicking your way into this income goal is a mere pipe dream. 

If you want a realistic gauge of how much you can really make with affiliate marketing, listen to Simon as he explains it to you. 

Dropping The Bombshell

The red flags aren’t over yet. What I said earlier was just a teaser. 

Now here’s the stunner:

Nowhere on the sales page will you hear this Josh guy talk about 12 Day Millionaire. 

Instead, you’ll see him mentioning an earlier launched shabby affiliate system called Copy My Cashflow. 

I don’t know about you, but to me, this means he doesn’t make enough money to hire a decent guy to make a new sales video for his scams. 

Instead, he just recycles his old ones lousily forgetting it mentions another dingy product. 

The Income Proof Is Fake

To somehow prove to you you’ll really make money, Josh will show you a PayPal transaction to an old lady named Lisa Bennett. 

Sweet to see an old lady still making $264? Hold your horses. 

12 Day Millionaire Fake Income Proof

Before you fall into this seeming income proof, if you do a quick image search, you’ll realize this woman is a mere stock image. 

What’s worse, Josh even used the same image for his Copy My Cashflow scheme!

Now I’m starting to believe he’s never made even a single penny by just recycling his old resources!

Or even if he had the money, he unwisely used it to pay Fiverr actors to make testimonials for him to somehow help him build his credibility.

12 Day Millionaire Fiverr Actor

It’s actually quite insulting to know he thinks we’ll fall into these dirty tactics of his. 

What’s more frustrating is his goal of preying on beginners and on people who are dire need of an income and desperately looking for a fast way to make some money.

He’s just killing their online income goals right when they’re starting out to make their move. 

How Much Is 12 Day Millionaire?

The front-end cost of 12 Day Millionaire is just $37. Josh says he originally priced it $97 but decided to give you a $60 discount.

I know at first this can look like a good thing. What’s not to like about a generous product creator, right? 

But guess what?

He’s bringing his philanthropy up a notch when you try to exit the website by offering it now to you at just $27!

Looks like he’s in a dire need of your money?

I’d like to you to think about this though…

If he’s generous like what he pictures himself to be, why won't he just give the system for free?

Or how about this…

If his websites are really high converting, why would he let you pay spare change for it knowing he’ll have more competition when more people have access to his “winning formula”?

Sobering enough?

Better get sober not than later when you let him get hold of your money thinking you’ll get a 60-day refund policy when you really don’t.

How Does 12 Day Millionaire Work?

12 Day Millionaire’s sales page says you can make money without all the heavy lifting. You just pay up the front-end do a few clicks and Josh’s websites will get money flowing in for you. 

Josh adds he’ll do all the hard work and the sole thing left to do is login your account from time to time to check your money grow. 

Here’s the problem:

This is the only thing the sales page says. It doesn’t really explain how 12 Day Millionaire’s websites will generate the income for you. 

Scams like this purposely leave you hanging to entice you to pay up just so you’ll figure out how it really works. A classic dodgy tactic ending with your wallet $37 less and a bad life lesson. 

Now here’s the jaw-dropper:

Unlike what Josh boasts about on the sales page saying he’ll provide you with money machine websites, the disclaimer says otherwise. 

12 Day Milloinaire Disclaimer

The disclaimer clearly says 12 Day Millionaire is not a business opportunity. It’s offers training and advice on search engine optimization?

Look at the disconnect!

Honestly, 12 Day Millionaire is just a piece of junk. It’s not worth your time nor your money. There’s no quick money online, even offline. (If we’re talking about legal opportunities)

Anything promising you huge income is just a strategy to push your emotional buttons to get you to decide while the pipe dream is still clear in your head. 

Poof it goes when you hand-in your heard-earned money. 

Is 12 Day Millionaire A Scam?

There’s no doubt 12 Day Millionaire is a scam. The fake income proofs, fake testimonials, and fake income claims are more than enough to give the verdict that it’s a scam. 

There’s not even a clear identity about the owner! One thing I know about legit opportunities, owners don’t shy away from revealing who they truly are. They’re proud to identify themselves with their products.

Phony product owners always do otherwise. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

Everything you see and hear on the sales video by the phony owner is a lie. There’s no doubt to it. 

It’s just a clear scheme to get you to part with your hard-earned money. As I’ve said earlier, shiny shortcuts won’t get you anywhere. It’s just created to push your buttons so you’d bring your wallet out.

To make a sustainable money online you have to learn the ropes yourself.

You have to know how to choose your niche and why you need to do so. You need to know how to build your niche-website, how to monetize it with affiliate products, and how to drive the right people to those offers.

You can’t just really on a hyped-up system that claims to do everything for you without really explaining what they’ll actually do. It’s a sure way to failure.

Learning this yourself will require time, effort, and a good step-by-step comprehensive training. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers this kind of training where you can start off without any cost. 

You can take the 1st 10 lessons and decides afterwards if you’ll continue on for the $49 membership where you’ll get the rest of the training and an access to like-minded affiliate marketers who also took the training themselves.

If you’re interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, head on to this tell-all Wealthy Affiliate review to your questions answered.

What’s Your Take?

Did you already get a hint of how phony 12 Day Millionaire is early on?

Are you convinced it’s a waste of money?

Scroll down and share your thoughts in the comments.  

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